Check out our Brand new 4WD HUB DYNO

few of the specs below

This includes our custom hub dyno - 5mm stressed single-shell fabrication, plated and powder coated.

4 x 4660NM Eddy Brake 3000hp capacity per hub.

Industrial Custom PC

Twin monitor setup


Weather Station

Standard Keyboard/Mouse

Bluetooth keyboard.

full data logging facility

obd live readings

Full range of hub adaptors

4 x 100mm, 4 x 108mm, & 4 x 114.3mm PCD

5 x 100mm, 5 x 114.3mm, & 5 x 120mm PCD

5 x 110mm, 5 x 112mm, & 5 x 130mm PCD

5 x 120.65mm PCD (5 * 4.75)

5 x 107.95mm PCD (5 * 4.25)

5 x 115mm PCD

5 x 150mm / 5 x 139.7mm PCD

6 x 114.3mm / 6 x 127mm PCD

6 x 139.7mm / 6 x 135mm PCD

6 x 139.7mm, 6 x 114.3mm PCD

For anyone struggling for grip with a high BHP car on a roling road we can sort this for a accurate power run

Our engine mapping center which runs off our 4WD hub dyno we use a state-of-the-art hardware and software solution by utilising the benefits of a advanced dyno solutions controlled system. This allows us to simulate various road and track conditions, without the need for labor intensive and time consuming road testing. The necessity for high speed road testing is also eliminated as sports device software allows us to capture accurate technical data, such as power outputs, engine torque, boost pressure and air/fuel ratio, all in the safety of our own facility.

Our sports device system is extremely sensitive: it can detect a change as minute as the alternator drawing additional power from the engine, to compensate for vehicles interior heater fan being switched on. This also provides us with the ability to quickly identify engine faults, confidently optimize control systems and accurately compare vehicle spec and modifications. Accuracy is paramount in tuning and diagnostics and the advanced Dynamometer's repeatability allows tuners to access changes to a vehicle, either in the case of an upgrade, modification, upgrade or a fault. It uses sophisticated digital processors which give exceptional speed control and allows us to monitor all readings as a digital live stream. We also have the option for data print outs that gives us a platform to visually demonstrate to the customer the result of the work undertaken, or of that required to achieve optimum performance.