Engine balancing

A balanced engine will generally be more efficient and reliable and will certainly tolerate much higher engine speeds.

We must remember that no engine can be perfectly balanced due the amount of subtle factors involved but we can certainly improve upon the balance of a mass produced engine.

They will have already modified many other aspects of the engine but we should not overlook the benefits of balancing the engine first, as this enables us to sustain higher engine speeds and gives us reliability.

No engine can be perfectly balanced but you can certainly improve a mass produced engine. When balancing an engine there are 2 main areas to focus on, firstly the components inside the engine, their weight and how accurately machined they are and secondly the forces created within an engine under combustion.

When each cylinder reaches combustion ideally the amount of energy released should match that of the other cylinders.

Firstly though we will look at the physical engine components from a balancing perspective.

here at powermax we can dynamicly balance your engine componects aswell as much more such as ..




brake disks

water pump motors

crank pullys



and much more just contact us for any other enquiries.

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