Turbo Manifolds

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Turbo Manifolds

Founded in 2005, 6Boost are known for their Custom Turbo Manifold's worldwide.

After years of hands-on experience building high performance turbo setups, and over 4000 manifolds in use throughout Australia and the world today, you can be assured that your not only getting one of the highest quality exhaust manifolds on the market, but also the one that will do the job you need, designed to suit your application.

With so much technical experience, and having the benefit of being able to draw on the results and experiences of their many happy customers, they have cut a very clear knowledgable path to what works, and what doesn't, and can give you a very good idea on what to expect from your chosen setup.

All 6Boost turbo manifolds are designed around a unique “Merge collector”. This type of collector technology has been used in the highest forms of motorsport for years but never applied commercially to turbo manifolds anywhere in the world. The design of the merge collector is such that all gases are directed at the turbine entry; no pipes enter across each other, disrupting airflow. The distinct look and design of the collector is easily recognisable, with the pipes entering in a circle and forming a “point” or “spire”.


With this collector technology 6Boost have seen anywhere from 200-400rpm faster spool and gains in the region of 6-15% in power in back to back dyno testing, even on highly tuned race engines. Every single engine that has been back to back tested to date has made more power and spooled faster.

All manifolds are constructed from thick wall mandrel bent steam pipe and are designed and built in Australia to be of the highest quality manifolds available. All manifolds are heavily sandblasted inside and out and coated in high temp exhaust enamel that has proven to stand the excessive heat of a turbocharged environment.

They also come with studs and nuts for your cylinder head and turbo flanges, and are faced and hand ported, ready to be used.

All 6boost manifolds are mild steel construction and come with a lifetime warranty against cracking and defects, a first in turbo manifold manufacture. All 6Boost manifolds are available in a variety of Turbo Flanges (T3, T4, V-Band) and a variety of Wastegate flanges.

6Boost Split Flange Manifold

*Please note that these manifolds are made to order in Australia with a lead time of 3 weeks including production and delivery to Ireland.

Turbo Manifolds