Powermax Engineering deals with the import/export of competition parts between Asia/America and Europe. We have great relationships with all our suppliers and work closely with them to ensure the highest quality of service for our customers.

As well as being all Ireland dealers for brands such as Link Engine Management, Precision Turbos and G-Force, we also stock a wide range of other brands for all types of applications such as Wossner, JE, CP Carillo & Weisco Forged Pistons, ACT & Xtreme Clutches, ARP Bolts, Athena, Cosmetic & Victor Reinz Gaskets and many more.

Here you can find a list of brands that we supply.

  • 6Boost Manifolds

    6Boost Manifolds

    6Boost manifolds are an original design and a leader in manifold technology.

    Each 6Boost manifold is hand crafted to the highest of standards and built to last a lifetime.

  • ACL Race Series

    ACL Race Series

    ACL Race Series performance engine bearings are recognized as a premier brand throughout the motorsport world.

    Race Series rod and main bearings are standard components in race engines that have set records and won championships from Mexico to Bonneville - from sport compact drift racing to small block NASCAR, IHRA and NHRA competitions.

  • Advanced Clutch Technology

    Advanced Clutch Technology

    Advanced Clutch Technology, Inc., since 1994, has specialized in performance clutches and flywheels for the sport compact, domestic and diesel truck markets.

    All ACT product is thoroughly researched and tested prior to release to ensure they perform to the customers’ expectations.

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  • ARP Bolts

    ARP Bolts

    ARP Bolts started in journey back in 1968 when racing enthusiast Gary Holzapfel saw that many of his friends’ broken engines were caused by fastener failure.

    At the time, there were no commercially available studs and bolts up to the challenge. So Holzapfel called upon his many years of fastener making experience for a leading aerospace subcontractor and founded ARP (Automotive Racing Products).

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  • AT Power

    AT Power

    AT Power manufacture their performance enhancing products in house ensuring they can maintain the quality of all their products allowing them the ability to provide them to all levels and types of professional motorsport, road going sports cars, kit cars and track day vehicles.

    With over 60 years’ experience of automotive design, full product development, quality control, manufacture and final testing/validation, all of which ensures their products will help you achieve the optimum performance from your vehicle.

    Their bespoke protected designs are unique and their design process ensures that their products performance is second to none. They work with both the individual motorsport enthusiast and OEM companies alike.

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  • Athena Auto Racing

    Athena Auto Racing

    ATHENA is an International group with three divisions and ten branches both in Italy and around the world.

    Athena Parts supplies products for areas such as motorbike, scooter, maxi scooter, off-road and automotive mechanics and electronics.

  • Brian Crower

    Brian Crower

    Brian Crower, Inc. was created to fill the need for high quality, high performance, late model internal engine components.

    They mainly deal in the supply of stroker kits for all popular Sport Compact applications and camshafts and valve train to match.

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  • Cosworth


    Cosworth is a world leader with a prestigious reputation built on over five decades of excellence, innovation and collaboration.

    The group delivers high-performance technologies to a diverse range of industries using its capabilities in mechanical and electronic engineering and precision manufacturing.

  • CP Carrillo

    CP Carrillo

    CP-Carrillo has one goal in mind: offer high quality performance products with excellent customer service.

    They strive to provide the best internal engine components to the customer; offering both pistons and rods is a tremendous added value for our customers.

    These two pinnacle products are crafted at their headquarters and manufacturing plant in Irvine, California, USA where cutting edge technology and traditional craftsmanship skills come together.

    They believe quality is the fundamental and overarching principle that drives us to excellence.

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  • elring


    At Elring Parts Ltd, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and technical experience, thus making us an original quality company, offering a friendly, professional, and extremely efficient service.

    Elring Parts Ltd offers their customers the opportunity to establish a strong working partnership, delivering to the market place quality products via strong and reputable brand names, in order to satisfy their customer requirements.

    All products supplied by Elring Parts Ltd are of O.E quality and in most cases are the O.E product itself.

  • FAI Automotive

    FAI Automotive

    FAI Automotive plc sources, procures, stores, packs and distributes replacement automotive parts under an all-makes programme with the FAI and Camtec brands, covering European, Japanese and Korean passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The Directors are committed to maintaining a registered Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

  • G-Force Transimissions

    G-Force Transimissions

    F-Force is a subsidiary of Long's Machine & Tool. They have been producing high performance transmissions and shifters used by many of today's top Sprint Cup and NHRA racers for more than 14 years.

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  • HKS


    HKS was named after the founders Hasegawa, Kitagawa, and Sigma and was formed in 1973. They specialize in aftermarket high performance auto parts engineering and manufacturing, and are perhaps the most known aftermarket brand in the world.

    HKS began tuning engines and cars with a vision to tune and manufacture high performance engine components and turbo kits that surpasses OE Manufacturers.

  • Holley


    Holley® has been the undisputed leader in fuel systems for over 100 years. Holley carburetors have powered every NASCAR® Sprint® Cup team and nearly every NHRA® Pro–Stock champion for four decades. Now, Holley EFI is dominating the performance world as well as our products for GM's LS engine. Holley's products also include performance fuel pumps, intake manifolds & engine dress–up products for street performance, race and marine applications. As a single solution, or partnered with products from other Holley companies - Hooker Headers®, Flowtech® Exhaust, NOS® Nitrous, Weiand®, Earl's Performance Plumbing®, or Diablosport® - Holley products can give you the edge you need over the competition.

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  • JE Pistons

    JE Pistons

    With over 70 years of experience, JE Pistons is the leader in high performance forged pistons. We've built a reputation that the competition can only follow. JE has a history of manufacturing the highest quality pistons and components that professional engine builders, race teams, and high performance enthusiasts trust and rely on.

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  • Link Engine Management

    Link Engine Management

    Link started in 1991 when three friends who would hang out building race cars stated to sell the ECU's they built for themselves.

    The first product to be sold was the G1. You can now find Link ECUs in every type of race car, as well as snowmobiles, jet ski’s, ocean racers and even aircraft.

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  • King Engine Bearings

    King Engine Bearings

    With one objective: to supply the highest quality bearings available in the marketplace, King Engine Bearings was born in 1960.

    King has built an extensive product offering that includes a wide range of engine bearings for automobiles, light-duty and heavy-duty trucks, marine, aviation, standby power and many other types of internal combustion engines.

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  • Magnecor


    Magnecor Europe Limited have their own production facility and are the sole supplier to their stockists / dealers in the UK & Europe.

    Their commitment to quality and attention to detail have seen the brand name obtain much recognition in the industry. This has led to countless accolades and thousands of satisfied customers.

    They assemble their own lead sets in-house, therefore they can offer attention to detail for their home markets plus a personalised service with technical backup.

    This personalised service also extends to the many Custom / Tailor made sets they make for the Motor Racing, Competiton and Road going markets.

    Whatever the application - motorsport, performance, family motoring, marine or aviation, your engine's perfomance will always benefit from a set of Magnecor ignition leads.

    Magnecor’s head office is situated in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA.



    The success story begins in 1920 when pistons made of heavy gray cast iron were being used in internal combustion engines for automobiles.

    The Mahle brothers countered this trend by producing light-alloy pistons at their small, newly established company—but the technology is still finicky and problems come up frequently.

    To keep dirt and dust out of the engine, they eventually developed air and oil filters as well. Their perseverance paid off: the light-alloy pistons began to take over the market.

    Nowadays, half of all automobiles produced worldwide contain MAHLE components. MAHLE has developed from a small test workshop to a technologically leading, globally active Group.

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  • Mobil 1

    Mobil 1

    Mobil has been keeping people and machines moving since before the first gasoline-powered automobile. From the Wright brothers' first flight to the launch of space stations, from the first automobiles to the latest Grand Prix cars, Mobil oils have been continuously keeping millions of vehicles performing at their best. Burke Lubricants provide the full selection of premium Mobil products and our expertise in the industry is at your disposal, should you require further information on the optimal selection for your requirements. Whether you are in the market for passenger lubricants, motorcycle oils, ATF fluids or heavy duty engine oils, our specialist consultants and cumulative decades of industry leadership will guide you in harnessing optimal performance, consistently.

  • PEC Automotive

    PEC Automotive

    A growing gap in the market of aftermarket component supply recognised by 2 friends (Dave and Rob) was the starting idea of PEC in 2008.

    By starting PEC, Dave & Rob had launched the UK's first company concerned solely with performance orientated engine internals. By using a multitude of contacts cultivated over the years, a short list of component suppliers was put together and PEC was born.

  • Performance Silicon Hose

    Performance Silicon Hose

    PSH offer a full range of silicon hoses that are guaranteed to be fully functional and ideal for multiple applications especially classic car restorers...

    Classic car restorers will find their ability to replicate original hoses with classic look silicone hoses very beneficial to themselves and their customers. By manufacturing replica rubber hoses in silicone the period look of the vehicle can be maintained.

  • Piper Cams

    Piper Cams

    Piper Cams are one of Europe's most successful and experienced performance camshaft designers and manufacturers.

  • Precision Turbo & Engine

    Precision Turbo & Engine

    Precision Turbo and Engine is one of the world's foremost manufacturers of high performance, aftermarket turbochargers and was foudned in 1987.

    Over the years, they have designed, tested, and manufactured record setting and championship winning turbochargers for all racing organizations, as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers such as General Motors.

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  • Quicktime


    Quick Time, the undisputed leader in bellhousing technology, was founded by former race car driver Ross McCombs, who racked up more than 50 dirt circle track feature wins. Unable to find a suitable spun bellhousing – not a weaker hydroformed bell like all the others – for his own race car, he eventually started making his own. Soon other racers, seeing him win race after race, wanted one for their cars, and a company was born. Today, Quick Time, part of Holley Performance, is the leading bellhousing manufacturer in the world, with models for more than 4,000 applications, each about half the weight of and considerably stronger than ordinary bellhousings.

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  • Radium Engineering

    Radium Engineering

    Since 2010, Radium Engineering's goal has been to simply design and produce the highest quality, best performing aftermarket automotive products. Radium relies on a core team with a passion for innovation to lead the company toward advancement in the industry.

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  • Wossner Pistons

    Wossner Pistons

    With over 25 years of experience in the performance industry Wossner pistons is Germanys finest aftermarket forged piston and rod manufacture.

    They are subsidiary of Wossner group which also includes FGM (Forging Group Monale) their Italian forging house for which they supply parts for notable companies such as Fiat, Ducati, Triumph just to name a few as well as Wossner USA their distribution facility in Huntington Beach California.

    Wossner proudly manufactures both 2 and 4 stroke pistons, this gives Wossner the ability to design pistons for Automotive, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, ATV, Marine Outboard, and Watercraft engines.

  • Xtreme Performance Clutch

    Xtreme Performance Clutch

    Xtreme Clutch has been at the forefront of performance clutch technology for decades. Their in-house testing machinery and close bonds with motorsport have allowed them to do extensive testing on various combinations of material and disc designs to suit high-performance and racing applications. The Xtreme Clutch name has become synonymous with high performance.

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