Crankshaft Grinding / Polish

Arguably, the crankshaft is the most important piece in the engine, not only is it the largest moving piece in your engine but also almost every moving part in the engine is in some way attached to the crankshaft. This requires close attention to any crankshaft’s condition before returning it to service.

The crankshaft does not turn directly on the bearings but on the thin film of oil trapped between the surfaces. An inspection for cracks within your crankshaft will be the first stage as the slightest crack here can cause a complete engine failure. If there are no cracks we will either complete a crankshaft polish or grind. A crankshaft will need grinding should the crank journals get out of round, tapered or scored as the oil film will not form properly.

Precision is curtail when grinding a crankshaft and our perfectionist machinists will grind your crankshafts to within 1/10,000th of an inch tolerances, less than half that of manufacturer specifications. Whatever your application, you can rest assured your crankshaft will be perfectly machined.

In the event that your crankshaft is already on size we will polish all the journals to ensure a smooth surface to fit you new bearings to.

If you have any queries about your crankshaft just drop us a message with your enquiry.

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