NI Drift Series

The NI Drift Series began from very humble beginnings, a group of like minded individuals mostly friends got together their aim was not to create the NI Drift series as it stands today but just to have fun. They began to hold events every few months and with each event it gathered in popularity and momentum, there was drivers with little drifting experience entering these events alongside drivers who had been drifting for years each of them treated with the same respect and all with the same goal of trying to win but yet still have a day’s fun, this was true grassroots drifting and with a lot of the cars still being road legal. Looking at where the series is today there is a huge difference.

The NI Drift series is arguably one of the fastest growing drift series in the country and is fast making a name for itself! With top drivers travelling from all over Ireland to compete in the series that says something in itself. Although the series has changed greatly from the old days the basic principle remains the same ‘Keep drifting fun’ – This was the motto from the start of the series and is maintained to this day, this series is run by drivers for drivers, with their interests made a priority. Powermax Engineering Ltd joined the NI Drift Series as the main sponsor after ------- approached Robert ???????