Alan McCord

Powermax Engineering Ltd is proud to have been one of Alan's main sponsors since 2008. Alan has had various cars and setups throughout his career and we are happy to say we were heavily involved in all aspects of each setup.

  • 2000-???? - Nissan Silvia S14 (SR20DET 2.0L Turbocharged) [???bhp] {PHOTO GALLERY}
  • ????-???? - Nissan Silvia S15 (LS2 6.0L Normal Asperated) [???bhp] {PHOTO GALLERY}
  • ????-???? - Nissan Silvia S15 (LS2 5.7L Supercharged) [???bhp] {PHOTO GALLERY}
  • ????- current - Nissan Silvia S15 (LS2 5.7L Turbocharged) [bhp] {PHOTO GALLERY}

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Alan McCord known to most people under his nick-name "Chubby" started his driting career when the sport was very much just in its infancy in 200??.

In his early career he took to the track using a Nissan Silvia S14 powered by SR20DET engine tuned by us at Powermax Engineering Ltd.

After a succesful ---- years compeating in various drifitng events such as BDC / UDC and with the sport gaining more contenders he decided it was time to upgrade. He started this new journey by calling us up and asking if he was to provide us with an engine could we perform a full performance upgrade to it. Of course we accepted not thinking about how we know Alan lives by the motto "go big or go home" so you can imagine our shock when the day arrives for the delivery of the new engine and when we unwrap it realise that it's a LS2 engine which can be found as a standard fitment in such cars as a 2005-2006 Vauxhall Manaro and 2005-2007 Chevrolet Corvette.

This in itself wasnt a huge issue for us but when he then added he wanted to fit it to the shell of a Nissan Silvia S15 we knew we were in for a difficult road ahead but one that would use all our our skills and when we pull it off would definately put us on the map for our work. After discussions with Alan he gave us a deadline of ????? so he could unveil it at the ???? for its first competitve run.

Due to this short timeline we got straight to work sourcing and providing everything we needed for the setup. This required us to call upon suppliers and ??? from all over the globe and due to the custom nature of the project it also required us to get quite a few parts manufactured from designs we created. Alan wanted the setup to run normally aspirated on throttle boddies which we thought would be beneficial over turbocharging as there would not be the inital lag and allow him to have the power needed at that crucial moment expecially in the apex of a corner.

As the build progressed the word of mouth spread of the crazy ???? Alan and us were attempting. Due to this alot of media channels wanted to know more and when the car was finished wanted to create articles on the details. Articles were produced by car magazines such as Car Sport, Redline and Modified Motors. It even caught the attention of the UK video game developers Playground Games who develop the Forza Horizon series for the Xbox. They added a replica of the Original build into the ????? version of the game and was available as an in-game reward for completeing ?????. This was a huge accomplishment and morale boost for both Alan and Powermax.

We completed the build succesfully after alot of long days and with 2 weeks left before the event we headined to Modello race track in Dublin to complete some on track testing before the beig event on ?????.

A photo gallery of the build and finsihed car can be found here:

A photo gallery of the media articles can be found here:

At the practice day the car was performaing great all day. We started the day with a wet track, as it stopped raining the vehicles started producing quite a bit of smoke so the track officials sent out a sprayer to coat the track with water to prevent this. As the day progressed and the track started to dry agin in areas this caused concern for the drivers as it wuld cause different traction between the wet and dry patches lleaving it more dangerous at the speeds so they had to be extra careful. On the last run of the day Robert decided to go out as a passenger with Alan and compelte the run while providing some live re-tuning on the track. As they approach the second last corner they are in 3rd gear, he moves up to 4th gear just as he spots a water patch on the track but it to late to adjust he hits the water and losses all traction and causes him to hit into the barrier head on.

Alan was a devastated. Not only did it put him out of the runing to unviel his car at the ???? next week all the hard work and time spent to get the car to where it was all done in a second.

A few weeks pass and we get a phone call. Its Alan and he's all syced up and wants to go again to build the car. Great we said lets do it. But I dont want to do the same thing he said, i want to go bigger. Different engine, new shell? No, i want to supercharge it.

So back at the drawing board to work out how we were going to get a supercharger fitted to the enfine as well as fitting it under the bonnet of an S15. After more designs and custom manufacturing we succesfully got everything fitted and working.

A photo gallery of us converting the car from normal aspiration to supercharged can be found here:

Alan used the car on numerous occasion but with alot of unreliable efforts from belts breaking ?????.we went back to the drawing board and decided to get more reliable results and the higher bhp we desire we would turbocharge the engine but this would require alot more custom fabrication from us. Today the car sits fully setup and running extremly reliable with a maximum output of ????bhp.

A photo gallery of the car as it sits today can be found here: