Turbocharger Installation

Installing a turbo is one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing the power of a non-turbo car similar to what replacing/upgrading an existing turbo would do.

Powermax Engineering Ltd have extensive knowledge and experience with fitting all forms of turbochargers to a huge variet of engines. We are able to offer basic services from replacing/upgrading an existing turbocharger to adding a turbocharger to an originally normal asperated engine. There are alot of extra considerations to take into account when performing a conversion such as this. You cant simply bolt the turbo onto the engine block and call it a day, the engine has to be ready for the turbo just much as the turbo has to be prepared before it is mounted. This will depend on the type of turbocharger but can include such things as replacing the oil pan with one that has the proper oil fitting to connect the turbocharger. You may also require additional filters and in some cases an additional oil cooler. As well as exhaust modification which we offer as an individual service or integrated with this service.

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