End of Season Newspaper Feature

5 Apr 2017

Great feature on Jordan Boyce in the local newspaper to summarise the IADC 2016/17.

Powermax Engineering Ltd is a local engineering business that has been operating in the Cookstown area since 2002. They specialise in engine reconditioning and tuning and have a large presence across various motorsports but Drifting seems to be the biggest influence to date. They have became a well known name among the drifting community not only by working on or supplying parts for the majority of cars on the grid from Amateur level right through to Pro but also from taking part themselves.

When company director Robert Boyce seen his son Jordan take an interest in the sport he decided to build him a car and give him the chance to compete. At the young age of 13 Jordan took to the track for his first event in Eglinton for the amateur NI Drift series and managed to take a 4th place finish which got him noticed by the fans and organisers. The following 2 years seen him attend a further 6 amateur drift events across the Ni Drift series and IADC where he experienced various mechanical and setup issues which allowed him and his team to fine tune the car and try to achieve the perfect setup going into the 2016/17 IADC Championship.

The 2016/17 season had its fair share of ups and downs but Jordan had a goal at the start to achieve a top 10 finish. If he did this it would earn him his Pro-AM (Semi Pro) licence within the IDC. Sunday March 12th 2017 seen the last and final round known as Judgement Day in the feeder championship known as the IADC. Jordan entered the round sitting in 21st place in the championship so to achieve his goal he would need to have a top 3 finish which seemed like a dream.

However after qualifying with the 2nd highest score it now seemed possible. The car ran well all day and Jordan stayed true to form and was consistent with all his runs which led to his best performance to date. This led to Jordan taking 1st place on the podium for the round and boosting him to 10th place overall in the championship.

His outstanding victory in the final round being the crowning glory of him and his teams hard work and a great year overall.

Speaking with Jordan he had the following to say:

How did you get into drifting?

“I always had an interest in motorsport and cars but following in my dads footsteps i have a great love for older vehicles mainly Ford’s and seeing all the japanese cars in drifting i wanted to prove that the old school fords could compete and even dominate at the same level”

How/Where did you learn to drive?

I started driving at the age of 6 with a go-kart around my home yard which stepped up to a field car which i used in my grandads fields. The drifting came later from being a passenger in my dads car which now has turned to him being a passenger in mine which is a nerve racking experience for both us.

What goes through your mind while sitting on the line?

Sitting on the line fills me of adrenaline. It causes so many thoughts to rush through my mind but one that jumps out is fear of the unknown when I enter that first corner.

How did it feel to take 1st place in the last round of the IADC in March?

It felt unbelievable. I never thought i would be standing in the number 1 spot but myself and my team worked hard to challenge for it. A personal goal for me is to make my team proud and i think i did it with this win.

Whats the next steps for you?

To attend the 2017 season for Pro-AM drivers and give it my all to prove myself again and show how good the car and setup really is.

Any other comments?

I would like to thank all my fans and supporters. With a special thanks to my dad, Team Powermax and all the contributors and sponsors who without them this wouldn’t be possible.

How to follow the action:

Team Powermax and Jordan Boyce Drifting on FB.

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