Schou Vertical Spindle Grinder

A surface grinder is used generally to provide precision ground surfaces, either to a critical size or for the surface finish. Our vertical grinding spindle is mainly used for fast material removal from larger components.

Items are held in place using clamps on a reciprocating table. After setting it up correctly, the table slides backwards and forwards in a straight line under the face of a segmented wheel until the desired results are achieved.

We apply a constant flow of coolant on the workpeice throughout the process ao aid in the prevention of warping from friction heat as well as help with particle extraction.

Machine specs

  • Max table travel: 1300mm
  • Max vertical movement: 680mm
  • Max height under mill plate: 700mm
  • Max grinding width: 350mm
  • Table Dimension: 39” x 36” x 14”

Services we mainly use this machine for are: