Delapena500 Vertical Honing Machine

Our Delapena 500 honing machine has the capability of honing cylinder block chambers to a preset size. Honing provides the smooth sinish required to allow the new piston rings to correctly seal to the chamber.

We do this by setting the stroke length and then keeping a very close eye on it. The machine once finished its cycle, stops at the top of the stroke to allow removal of the head.

This will leave the chambers with a cross-hatch finish, used to retain oil or grease to ensure proper lubrication and ring seal of pistons in cylinders. Or a plateau finish, which is mainly the removal of "peaks" in the metal while leaving the cross hatch intact for oil retention.

Machine specs

  • Honing range: 40 – 60mm, 58 – 86mm, 84 – 127mm (3 heads)
  • Max honing depth: 350mm
  • Max stroke: 280mm
  • Max length of block: 1200mm